Paradise Token Of Egypt, FCH, JC



Call Name: Lestat
Country: Canada
DOB: 23 September 2004 - 2010
Sex: male
Coat Type: smooth
Sire: CH Paradise As Good As It Gets
Dam: Special Acres' Image Of A Winner JC
Breeder: Lisa Puskas
Owner: Carrie Tranter
Health Info: Lestat had to be put down due to very poor liver function.  He could not properly process proteins and all the excess protein in his system caused him to have a lot of secondary allergic symptoms (rashes, itchiness, gooey eyes & ears.  

His symptoms showed as consistently  underweight, lethargic, slow to recover his energy after running, isolating himself away from other dogs, poor appetite (he would go days without eating or eat very little), as well as bouts of diarrhea or vomiting when I did get some food into him.  Progressively getting worse with age.
Accomplishments: Lestat earned his Canadian Field Championship and his US JR Courser Title.



Paradise Token Of Egypt