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Imagery Fire Light

Hasna Amber Lizota 

Hatshepsut Amber Lizota 

Henutmire Amber Lizota 

Hercules Amber Lizota 

Hose Luis Amber Lizota 

Hufu Amber Lizota 

Hugo Bo Amber Lizota 


Yelloweyes Pontiac

Edens Genuine Risk

Gessame del Eden

Birrarun Hot Little Number

Amenti Baltas Vėjas 

Amun Baltas Vėjas 

Anubia Baltas Vėjas 

Anuket Baltas Vėjas  

Araco Baltas Vėjas 


Icy Cold Second Blessing

Elan's Symphony in Paradise

Arco de Altamira

Flecha de Altamira

3/24/14 Berizza Breaking The Ice At Senjabi
HareHill's All That and More
O'Bre-On's Eternal Fiver Atair
3/10/14 Dolce Vita Rjabina de Bergerac
2/24/14 Domingo Rjabina de Bergerac
1/6/14 Kamars Final Fury
Kamars Final Boss
Kamars Final Li Lava Dier
Kamars Final Rain
Kamars Final Days of Summer At Riverrock
Kamars Final Trick
Kamars Final Laugh
Kamars Final Frontier
Kamars Far From Final
Kamars Final Misfit
Kamars Enchanted Phoenixxx
Kamars XXX Bladerunner
Kamars XXX Suki Peach
Kamars Ain't Talkin About Love
12/13/13 Paradise's Heart of Charisma
Paradise Bette Davis Eyes
12/12/13 Aliki Notanuff's Dash of Spice
12/06/13 Afilador Thunderbolt
10/31/13 Abbaio Star Gazer
10/21/13 Timberwind's Habanera de Carmencita
9/9/13 L-Wynds There and Back Again
Nahala's Love Hangover
Nahala's Papa Was A Rollin Stone
Nahala Get Ready Cause Here I Come
Nahala Does Your Mama Know About Me
Gryphons Autumn Fire Dragon
9/3/13 Amahte's Bewitched
Amahte's Semi Pro
Amahte's Stranger Than Fiction
Amahte's A Night At The Roxbury
Amahte's Old School
Amahte's The Legend Continues
Amahte's Blades of Glory
Amahte's Talladega Nights
Amahte's Oh Star For Akhanubis
Amahte's Jappeloup
Spiritsounds Fallen For Amahte
8/19/13 Safira de Escalona
Alisian Fields Bold Occam's Razor
Atrevida Como El Viento
Aliki's Notanuff Spice Dreams
Paradise Here Comes Trouble
7/17/13 Gartlove The Dream Boy
7/16/13 Amable Como El Viento
Amaya Como El Viento

Abbaio Jakona Foolish Pleasure

Abbaio Jakona Love Fool

Jakona Abbaio I Pity the Fool

Jakona Abbaio Nobody's Fool

3/18/13 Wirtu's Thunder On The Right
3/7/13 Djarra Back to Innocence
2/13/13 Gryphons Nick of Time