CAN CH Gryphon's Asteri



Call Name: Moya
Country: Canada
DOB: 12 June 1994 - June 2008
Sex: female
Coat Type: smooth
Height: 27 in
Weight: 48 lbs
Sire: Gryphon's Star Trekker
Dam: CH Bramblewoods Madera Gryphon
Breeder: Susan Fegan
Owner: Wendy Peterson,
Health Info: Moya passed away from bloat a week before her 15th Birthday.  She was extremely healthy throughout her life until the end.
Accomplishments: Moya finished her Canadian title after suffering a terrible injury (stepping into a broken bottle) which severed all tendons and arteries of her leg.  It took major surgery and almost an entire year before she could walk normally again.  After this we did not dare to course her.  She was a real lady, elegant, poised and loyal and she will live forever in our hearts.



Gryphon's Asteri