2015 Ibizan Hound Central Calendar

We are excited to announce Ibizan Hound Central is making a 2015 calendar. 
We are asking everyone from around the world to submit photos of their Ibizan Hound / Podenco Ibicenco.

Once calendars are completed, they will be available for purchase through www.zazzle.com

Please read below before submitting a photo




** Submit photos as jpegs.

** Do NOT resize your own photographs. Submit originals and let us resize.

** If you have color-corrected or cropped your images, please include the unedited originals.

** Submit your photos at their full resolution.




email ibizanhoundcentral@yahoo.com




** This is an Ibizan Hound Calendar so each picture must have at least one full Ibizan Hound/Podenco Ibicenco in it.

** Let your Ibizan Hound be the main subject of the photo. 
** Show photos are not accepted. 

** We would prefer no humans to be in the photos.

** Photos must be clear and focused
** If your photo was taken by a professional photographer we will require a signed release.

** A limit of 5 photos per family can be entered.


We have the right to refuse any photos that do not follow the above guidelines.

Please email ibizanhoundcalendar@yahoo.com to submit a photo with the following information:

1. Dog(s) call name
We hope to put the name of the dog with his/her photo so fill in names as you would like them to appear in calendar)
2. Photographer's name
3. Your email address
4. If the photo was taken by a professional photographer you must attach
written authorization to use the photo in the calendar.   
5. By submitting a photo you are agreeing to the Photo Submitter Release and Waiver:
I(We) hereby authorize Ibizan Hound Central (IHC) and Ibizan Hound Database to publish my (our) photograph of my(our) dog described above in the Ibizan Hound Central Calendar. I(We) also authorize IHC to copy my(our) photograph by any means and to modify such copy for the purpose of formatting it for inclusion in the Calendar, in the sole discretion of IHC. I(We) understand that the Calendar will be sold to the general public. I(We) hereby waive any rights, title, or interest in any proceeds raised from the sale of the Calendar.


TIPS on taking good photos

  • * Make sure the background in your photo is not unattractive.

  • * Be aware of the lighting. Natural lighting outdoors is usually best.

  • * Look at the color of your dog’s eyes in the photo.  Use the red-eye function on your flash if applicable.

  • * Make an effort to send clear pictures. Blurry photos make poor calendar images.

  • * If using a digital camera, use the highest resolution possible.

  • * Take many photos and select only the best!

  • * Be creative. Artistic photos are encouraged and appreciated.

  • * Find someone to help you. Getting good photos of your dog is always easier if you have a helper. 

  • * Toys with squeakers or a high pitched voice sound can help you get your dog’s attention.

  • * Holiday photos and theme related can be useful for certain months.

  • * Capture your Ibizan Hound’s personality. Take pictures of your dog doing what they love the most.